UFO Fan Atlanta

UFO Fan Atlanta

UFO Fan Atlanta

Ilumia presents the UFO Atlanta LED fan, with high power and a patented design by our engineers. It has aluminium body of the best quality. Due to its distribution of chips on the motherboard, it improves the performance of the luminaire.

The Atlanta model includes EASEIC driver and 150 Lm / W CREE chips, offering a higher luminous flux than the other models. It is available in 90W, 130W and 170W models, reaching an estimated useful life of 100,000 hours of operation.

For all its characteristics, it is an ideal model for applications in industrial areas such as factories, warehouses, workshops, large interiors, commercial areas, etc.

It is compatible with all kinds of accessories, from motion sensors to surge protectors. In addition, having a 5-year warranty, it is the best investment to illuminate a large space.

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